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"Here at Pioneer TV and Appliance and Sleep Center we have been selling Comfort Sleep Products now for over 25 years. Their products are extremely well built and very comfortable. Our customers enjoy getting a great product at a great price and are always happy to hear that the mattresses are locally made. With a great selection of products and comfort levels there is a mattress available to fit anyone’s needs. We would highly recommend."

- Dan from Escanaba, MI

"We have been very impressed with the quality and attention to detail that Comfort Sleep Products has given us.  From the promotional-priced beds to the higher price points, each bed is made with the same quality craftsmanship. Our sales team has extremely high confidence in selling every level of mattress from them knowing the quality of materials that goes into the beds and the always-on-time deliveries."

- Jim from Elkhorn, WI

“New mattresses are awesome as usual.”

- Northeast WI Resort

"We do NOT take Comfort Sleep Products  for granted! We are very lucky and very spoiled! Do you know that since the Covid started in March 2020, Comfort Sleep Products has NOT backordered one single mattress?…NOT ONE! Absolutely amazing!"

- Southeast WI Retailer

"Comfort Sleep Products’ customer service is second only to their products! Their availability to discuss merchandise is top notch and the follow-up adds a personal touch.  Their product knowledge, product warranty, and ease of streamline ordering is exceptional.  We have been a customer of Comfort Sleep Products for over 10 years, and they have been on top of their customer service and pricing and are overall are a first-class company to work with."

- Midwest Multi-Unit Retailer

"CSP has been a great business partner for over a decade. They have worked with us building a product offering to meet every segment of the mattress market. While manufacturing quality products they stand behind, CSP also provides a business relationship with a personal touch. Through the availability of their team and prompt follow-up you know you are a valued partner."

- Midwest Multi-Unit Retailer

"It is nice to have a company care about customer service in today’s world.  Helps me feel like I made a good decision on a mattress."

- Patrick

"In April, we partnered with Minnesota-based HOM Furniture to donate a mattress set to a Ukrainian refugee family.  We appreciate HOM’s partnership and are inspired by this family’s resolve for a fresh start."

- Midwest Multi-Unit Retailer

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